LMC Services is a professional association whose members are midwives and doctors who provide maternity care throughout New Zealand.

About Us
Maternity Servies
We are a  co-operative whose members are health professionals working in the field of maternity services.  Our focus is on supporting the health professionals to provide the best possible maternity care to women… read more >>
For Women
Information for Pregnant Women
The Ministry of Health provides funding so every pregnant women who is a resident in New Zealand can receive free pregnancy care.  That care is provided by a Lead Maternity Carer or LMC who may be a midwife, a general practitioner, an obstetrician or… read more >>

For LMCs
Information for LMCs
Our focus is on supporting our members. Our services to members include: administrative and claiming support; assistance with implementation of electronic records; discount deals for members… read more >>
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Read the Latest News and Information
Read the latest news and information for both Pregnant Women and Lead Maternity Care service providers. read now >>


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You can email info@maternitycare.co.nz with any questions you may have about your pregnancy.

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