28 November 2012: Smoking Cessation

Mother with Baby

The Minister has set the Ministry of Health a new target effective 1 January 2013. It is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the smoking cessation programmes, especially in pregnancy.

This means LMCs have an opportunity to demonstrate their effectiveness by demonstrating they are active and effective in encouraging pregnant women to stop smoking.

At the same time, MOH requires some additional data to be collected at the time of registration. Fortunately, the additional requirement is minimal.

All the details will appear in the next issue of Tall Poppies.

15 November 2012: Review of Maternity Services at Counties Manukau

After an extensive review led by Dr Ron Paterson, former Health & Disability Commissioner, the final report has now been released.

It can be viewed on the CMDHB website at:

It is certainly a very comprehensive report and there are many recommendations.

We strongly agree with most of the recommendations, especially those relating to the need to support and expand the number of LMCs working in Counties Manukau and the need to ensure that any doctors providing primary maternity care under the “Shared care” model are appropriately qualified.

We strongly disagree with the recommendation that the DHB expand its team of employed case loading midwives as that will disincentivise LMC midwives.