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Our focus is on supporting our members.  Our services to members include:

    • Administrative and claiming support using our specially designed database
    • Assistance with implementation of electronic records
    • Discount deals for members on a range of services including cell phones (Vodafone & Telecom), stationery, computer equipment, clinical supplies and banking.
    • A regular newsletter
    • Antenatal record books for free supply to women.
    • Starter Packs: These are specific packs of clinical and computer equipment which are provided to members through an interest free loan to help them overcome the high cost of setting up in independent practice
    • Support and facilitation services to assist members to deal with incidents and complaints
    • Representation of members’ views on both local and national levels

The database we currently use is the My Practice software. In addition to enabling the recording of standard information for claiming, it allows users to capture their clinical notes and is very user friendly.

The software also provides for:

    • Tracking of claims made and payment by HealthPAC
    • Production of the necessary statistics for review purposes
    • Access to HealthLink to enable electronic capture of pathology and ultrasound test results
    • Electronic on-line access to NHI numbers

In addition, members have the access to a system which allows clinical charges (e.g. payments to locums) to be made on their behalf with the payment being deducted from their next fee payment.

Who May Be a Member?

To be a full member, a practitioner is expected to meet the following criteria:

    1. Be a health practitioner, as defined under the Health Practitioners Act, and
    2. Be active in the provision of maternity services, and
    3. Be registered to practice with the appropriate regulatory agency, as set out in the Health Practitioners Act, and
    4. Have completed the prescribed membership application form, and
    5. Whose application has been approved by the board of directors, and
    6. Whose claims for government subsidies are managed by the company, and
    7. Can demonstrate, if requested, a commitment to the maintenance of their professional standards by way of adherence to the requirements of the appropriate professional body.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to organisations and other parties who are involved in the provision of maternity services but which not meet the criteria for full membership. Associate membership is designed to allow interested organisations to participate in and contribute to SAMCL even though they do not qualify for full membership (e.g. educational services, birthing units).

The criteria for associate membership are:

    1. Be an organisation active, either directly or through their employees and/or members, in the provision of maternity services, and
    2. Be prepared to encourage health practitioners with whom they are associated to become members of SAMCL, and
    3. Have completed the prescribed associate membership application form, and
    4. Whose application has been approved by the board of directors.

Cost of Membership

A small administration charge is made to cover the cost of providing the services.  This includes use of the software – no additional licence fee or annual maintenance charge is payable.

The current fees are:

    • $5 per registration claim
    • $5 per birth claim


If the member chooses to access some of the additional services available with the software (e.g. direct access to NHI numbers using the HealthLink service), then a fee is generally payable by the member for the service

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